Vapor 4 Life Review

Vapor 4 Life E CigYet another electronic cigarette brand on the market is Vapor 4 Life.  I just received one of their kits in the mail and wanted to do a review of it right away since I had some interesting information.

I find this e-cigarette scarily similar to the V2 Cigs brand.

But…..I have to say I am disappointed with the quality of the product.  Many of the cartridges did not work as long as the V2 Cigs brand, and the battery looks and feels like a V2, but it just doesn’t last as long.

The automatic battery looks like the one branded by V2.  I also have the silver manual battery from Vapor 4 Life, which V2Cigs offers as well.  It does produce good vapor, so all you big vapor monsters will be happy with this device.

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Here are the similarities and differences between V2 Cigs and Vapor 4 Life.

  • V2 Cigs has more durable packaging.
  • They both offer the carrying case, as well as other accessories.  Exact same in most cases.

The biggest difference between these brands is the flavored cartridges.  V2 Cigs kept things more simple, which is always smart in business, while Vapor 4 Life went crazy on their flavor offerings.  Vapor 4 Life offers all of the “normal” flavors you are probably accustomed to seeing, but in addition, they have some off-the-wall flavors.  Seriously, take a look at what they offer that nobody else offers:

beer, margarita, tequila, champagne, caramel, butterscotch, cinnamon roll, apple cinnamon, peach cobbler, white chocolate, sour cherry, cherry cordial, pina colada, caramel apple, french vanilla ice cream, kiwi apple strawberry, pineapple, super mint, black licorice, pancake, and waffle!

Is anyone hungry?

They even offer some of these in packs such as “fruit bowl,” and “cocktail hour” where they mix and match various flavors that fit into those categories.

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I don’t want to turn this into a cartridge review site, as I like to focus on the vapor production as well as the quality of the devices, it’s worth throwing in some details on my initial experience with Vapor 4 Life’s Vapor King….

While I only ordered a handful of cartridges, I have some input on some of them already.  I’m a big fan of having cocktails and enjoy an adult beverage or two on a routine basis.  I am one of the biggest beer lovers you will ever meet.  However, I didn’t find the beer flavor to be too appealing to me.  Ditto on the tequila, and I enjoy sipping fine tequila.  The taste wasn’t too pleasant.  BUT, giving credit where it’s due, the black licorice is simply delicious!  I do enjoy black licorice as a food, and if you do, I am positive you’ll find this taste simply amazing.  Also, the french vanilla ice cream is like a dessert.  Honestly, I was puffing on it last night while I caught the first half of the Laker game and I felt like I was having dessert at a fine restaurant.

I’ll do my best to review other cartridge flavors as I try them.  I only have about 3 hours of experience smoking the Vapor King by Vapor 4 Life, but I was able to try various cartridges and I figured it was important to document my experience.

If you are looking for something sleek, futuristic, that will produce gobs of vapor, and as an added bonus offers exotic flavors, Vapor 4 Life may be an option for a cheap electronic cigarette, but I can’t really rank it up there with the best electronic cigarette brands.

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