V2 New Flavors Include Mint Tea & Grape

V2Cigs.com has released two new flavors today.  The two new flavors are available in the 0, 6, 12, and 18 mg strengths.  I made an advance order of these right when I got the email, so I’ll have full reviews on both flavors shortly.

So what are the new V2Cigs flavors?   Drum roll, please…..

Grape, and Mint Tea.

Grape we’ve seen on the market before.  (See Bull smoke.)   It’s typically one of the better reviewed flavors on the market.

Mint Tea is a new blend concocted by the gang at V2Cigs.com.  Always known for being a step ahead, I’m really looking forward to seeing how the Mint Tea flavor tastes.  If it’s like an Iced Tea, combined with say the minty menthol taste by Green Smoke, we’re in for a real treat.  I’ll update my thoughts on these flavors just as soon as I receive the order and have a chance to get smoking away.  In the mean time, be sure to click the banner and check out the new details yourself.

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New Flavors by V2Cigs:  Mint Tea & Grape