V2 Cigs Strives to Break into Guiness Book of World Records

V2 Cigs is making headlines once again.

If you haven’t heard of this top e-cigarette brand that I smoke personally, click here to read about V2 Cigs.   I’ve posted a full analysis and review of the Miami-based brand that I’ve come to know and love.

So, what is company rep Dan Recio doing flying across country to Venice Beach, California on Friday, June 8th?

The goal has been set – and if they reach it, it’ll be an epic feat.  What V2 Cigs has up their sleeve is an attempt to break into the Guinness book of World Records.  V2 Cigs is trying to set a world record for the most people in one place using an electronic cigarette at the same time.  The invitation is for anyone in the area to join up at Windward Plaza in Venice Beach to come join in and help raise awareness for the electronic cigarette industry in general.

If it was closer to home, I’d go and help lead the charge…..I’ve met Dan and other reps at V2 Cigs and they are a first class operation.  I think this is a very cool ordeal for the brand and I wish them well at this event.

A V2 Cigs rep will educate the crowd, according to news sources.   It was not reported just how many people need to “vape” at the event, but I know that no matter how many people gather out there, it’ll be a huge success.

Best of luck to Dan and V2 Cigs out in beautiful Venice Beach.  I can’t wait to find out how it went.

Everyone have a great Memorial Day weekend.  I’ll be here in South Florida, hitting up a Marlins game on Friday night (smoking electronically, of course) and just relaxing the rest of the weekend.

What’s everyone else have in store for this weekend?

Back at ‘ya on Tuesday with some updates about the e-cigarette industry.

Cheers everyone!  Be safe…