V2 Cigs 25% off Sale

V2 Cigs 25 % off sale for 10 days only!

V2 Cigs is proud to announce a ten day sale to coincide with their new website.  The new and improved V2 Cigs website is here!  April 16 at midnight the new site launched, and it’s the most tech savvy website in the e-cigarette industry. I’ve spent the morning perusing the site, and while it may confuse the less-than-savvy shopper, I find it very refreshing for people who are internet savvy and fond of all the bells and whistles that V2Cigs proudly displays on their site.

Video demonstrations and informative pieces litter the website and help even the newest of noob’s (that’s an internet slang term for “newbie”) navigate the site and more importantly, understand the in’s and out’s of electronic cigarette smoking.

The new V2 Cigs website makes ordering your products very simple.  You will surf around and custom-build your order and feel like the site was built with YOU in mind.  (It was.)   Simply choose your favorite color products and strengths and watch the order build up.  It also gives you estimated shipping times, just so you have the peace of mind knowing when your order will arrive!

As you build your order, look for Combo Deals designed exclusively for you. These 1-time discounts offer even more savings on items that complement your order. It’s just one more way you can save for shopping with V2 Cigs.

So, here’s the real news: 

save 25% this week when you follow the below banner and use discount code “andyg”.

V2 Cigs - See Why V2CIGS is #1 Compared To Other ECIG Brands!

How does this work?  Well, “AndyG” gets you 15% off starter kits and 10% off all purchases at ALL TIMES.  V2 Cigs is also having a storewide sale and offering 10% off all products for ten whole business days.  This means that you can save up to 25% on your V2 Cigs supplies.  What a great way to get ready for Summer, right?

I’m personally going to grab the new V2 Cigs PCC, among other items.  I’m going to buy starter kits at a steep discount for friends and family who I know are going to be impressed with the new V2 Cigs.  It’s the perfect time to buy, you guys.

I’ve always been a big fan of V2Cigs, but this has blown even me away.  I’m really happy to be among the first reporting about this major improvement at V2 Cigs.

V2 Cigs 25% off Sale.  Click the link and use “AndyG” to save!