The Safe Cig Review


The Safe Cig V2 Promo

It appears the Safe Cig has gone out of business.

As of Friday, February 8th, 2013, the Safe Cig seems to be completely out of business by all accounts.  Their website is down and message forums are going crazy about not being able to reach them.  I am officially telling everyone, as I have before, to avoid dealing with this brand.

I can recommend V2 Cigs brand, as they even sell an adapter for old Safe Cig batteries.

Update March 2012:  

This review was done in 2010, and I no longer vouch for this company.  Customer service issues are abundant and I just can’t recommend them as a long-term solution.  I’m really sorry.  I left my review up but I can recommend two brands over The Safe Cig:

Bull Smoke & V2 Cigs

This was my original review….

After bumping into an old friend at the local tavern, I was turned on to another brand of e-cigarettes called The Safe Cig.  When I asked my friend how this brand of e-cigarettes compares to others, he stated that  the technology lasts twice as long and gives consistent vapor volume for the life of each refill cartridge.

Never one to turn down a new electric cigarette, I gave a few puffs of this e-cig and took it for a test drive.  I found myself ordering a kit for my own use and following up with  this post, officially called The Safe Cig Review.  This electronic cigarette does not disappoint, and it’s cracked my top five e-cigarette rankings.   I am pretty set in my ways and smoke the same steam cigarette brands on most occasions, but a lot seems to be in the long-term pipeline forThe Safe Cig’s E-Cigarette so I certainly will keep plenty of cartridges around and continue to use The Safe Cig.

Here is what you get with the Safe Cig’s Starter Kit, priced at $89.99
2 Batteries
A home/Usb combo charger
5 pack of the Disposable Atomized Refill Cartridges of your choice in flavor and strength
For another $12.95 you can get a nice case that holds all your new e-cigarette smoking devices.  The Safe Cig has arrived, and its’ here to stay with the big boys in the industry.

After seeing my review, The Safe Cig reached out to me with a discount code to pass along to all of my readers.  Use “safe4andy” at checkout and you’ll save 5% off all purchases.

You can visit the Safe Cig Right Here