The Safe Cig Video Review

I have posted a review of the Safe Cig (without any editing, so please excuse any errors) on

If you are looking for more information about the Safe Cig, I urge you to check out their website by following the below link:

Official site of The Safe Cig.

Alternatively, I have set up a page entirely dedicated to everything you need to know about buying The Safe Cig.  There are many e cigarettes out there today, and the Safe Cig is a top 5 brand.  If you are looking for the best throat hit, I have to say the Safe Cig 24 mg cartridge is among the best out there.

Please check out my FULL Safe Cig Review

It’s worth noting that the customer service at the Safe Cig has been incredible, and they have not generated any major complaints with this e cigarette review site nor anywhere else I’ve researched online.

The Vimeo Video review link is here. (Will take you to another site.)