Southwest Florida Couple Opens E Cigarette Store

Kudos to Scott and Lorrie Covington, who opened up “Vapin in the Cape” in Cape Coral Florida.  They have opened up an e cigarette store in their Southwest Florida town.  While I don’t get out that way too often, I may make a special trip to go check it out.

The store is said to be the first known store in South West Florida dedicated to electronic cigarettes, e-liquid, and accessories.  Increasing awareness is something I’ve done going on two straight years here at my e cigarette review blog, and this will certainly shed light on these innovative products that I feel clean up the environment and keep our kids away from the harmful second hand effects that traditional, tobacco cigarettes emit on them.  Good stuff, Scott and Lorrie Covington.

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I’m very surprised there isn’t an e cigarette-themed store in South Florida (East Coast, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beaches) as there are more entrepreneurs here than in any other area of the world I’ve lived in.  E cigarettes are currently one of the most popular – yet controversial – products on the market right now.  While most people who “get it” understand the positive effects that electronic cigarette smoking has on the environment and society, of course the vapor-emitting products do have their opponents.  Of course, Big Tobacco stands to lose a lot of money should e cigarettes become the norm for smokers.  They will harp on e cigarettes with any given chance, and cite the lack of clinical testing on these newly introduced products.

I’ll let the consumers weigh in – but my mind is made up.  When I’m in public and someone lights up a tobacco cigarette around my family, I can’t stand it.  I get sick when I smell a tobacco cigarette, and I hate seeing cigarette butts spread out on the soccer fields and parks my family likes to enjoy around our suburb.  The waste, the ash, the smell, all of it can just go away as far as I’m concerned.  I am ready for an electric society, even if it means our money isn’t poured into American companies like Phillip Morris and the bulk of the production is in China.  I hate to get political or spark a debate on where jobs lie, but smoking is disgusting and I’m all for a cleaner, Greener world.