South Beach Smoke Review

South Beach SmokeI was finally able to put in the necessary time to try out the Deluxe Starter Kit from South Beach Smoke.

If you’re a first-time electronic cigarette user looking for a quality experience and convenient technical support from real people, I can say I had a great experience with South Beach Smoke. Their products are designed to allow traditional cigarette users to seamlessly switch to a smokeless alternative. I’ll go on record saying that their product is a modified KR808 battery, which is the same battery many companies on the e cigarette circuit have had a lot of success with.  So, South Beach Smoke has a reputable battery right off the bat.  Noted!

The packaging is glossy and really is appealing to the touch.  Everything from the membership card to the presentation of the entire offer is done to the nines.  “South Beach” in full effect here.

South Beach Smoke has been around for a while now – and you can tell by the products and services they offer. They have a huge customer following and are constantly in the news and spreading awareness about the benefits of electronic cigarettes.

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South Beach Smoke has two main products: the Premium Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit and Deluxe Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit.

The Premium is a 3-piece technology that is similar to other high quality models on the web. The South Beach Smoke Premium Starter Kits are accompanied by 6 nicotine cartridges with multiple flavor options including: tobacco, menthol, cherry, chocolate and vanilla. Cartridges also come in various strengths to accommodate the needs of light and heavy smokers. What really separates the Premium Starter Kit from the rest is its rock bottom price of $29.99. You won’t find a more affordable starter kit out there meeting this standard of quality.

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Premium Starter Kit by South Beach Smoke – As Low as $29.99 Includes:

• 1 Lithium Ion Battery

• 1 Atomizer (creates the vapor)

• 1 Portable Wall Charger

• 6 Large Nicotine Cartridges (tobacco, cherry, menthol, chocolate, vanilla)

• Convenient User Manual

The Deluxe Starter Kit is by far the most popular product available at South Beach Smoke and it’s the one I ordered for this South Beach Smoke Review.  It contains the popular two-piece technology – which is preferred by discerning electronic cigarette users. The Deluxe Starter Kit by South Beach Smoke has gained some notoriety on other e cigarette review sites, so after finally getting over the procrastinating and getting time away from my day job, I was able to give it an honest review.   I can say that South Beach Smoke is HERE to stay, and there is no reason why it’s not going to be a viable option going forward.  The company does state that the technology is going to be upgraded every three months – we’ll have to track that and see just what changes, if anything, but I’d expect only improvements.

The battery and cartridges are the main components of any e-cigarette starter kit and the Deluxe has high quality and easy to use two-piece product. The cartridges are disposable and have a built-in atomizer that flash vaporizes a liquid nicotine solution. There is no need to manually heat up the atomizer as a simple puff on the cartridge (while screwed into the battery) will automatically heat up the solution creating plumes of vapor.

The real high-end tech is in the battery which can hold a charge well past a whole day for frequent users and even a week-or-two for those that use the product only periodically. At the end of the battery is an LED light that illuminates whenever the product is puffed. The battery is easy to charge and has multiple adapter accessories like a wall charger, car charger and even USB charger for convenient usage. The Deluxe Starter Kit comes with a short battery that is designed to last longer than a day’s use and a long battery, designed to last much – much longer.

Deluxe Starter Kit – As Low as $59.99 Includes:

• 1 Lithium Ion Short Battery

• 1 Lithium Ion Long Battery

• Portable Wall Charger

• 5 Large Nicotine Cartridges (tobacco, cherry, menthol, chocolate, vanilla)

• Convenient User Manual

Quality product aside, services are a huge, huge bonus from South Beach Smoke customers. They provide a 30-day money back guarantee which is vital for first time e-cigarette users since – let’s face it – electronic cigarettes are not for everyone. This provides first-time users with a risk free trial of electronic cigarette with the supportive environment of South Beach Smoke’s stellar customer service.

South Beach Smoke also has a unique “membership” offer that allows customers to save on regular shipments of cartridges, get exclusive deals and receive a lifetime warranty on all products. This program was born out of South Beach Smoke’s experience in the e-cigarette industry and understanding of their customers’ needs. E-Cigarette customers order cartridges monthly or every two weeks, so they should be rewarded for their consistency with discounts. The optional membership also allows you to save on your initial order, if you sign up right away.

South Beach Smoke considers its social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) as a valuable customer service tool. They connect with their customers via contests, giveaways and handling inquiries in real time through social media. Their Facebook Fan Page and Twitter has thousands of followers and their YouTube Channel has nearly 100,000 views.

Hollywood has recently picked up on South Beach Smoke’s products more so than any e-cigarette brand. South Beach Smoke has received direct endorsements from celebrities like Jerry Ferrara, Trace Cyrus, Jennifer Farley (Jersey Shore’s JWOW) while being linked to the likes of Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake as well. The product continues to pop-up in the inner circles of the Hollywood elite and seems to be receiving new endorsements every month.

Also, South Beach Smoke was featured in an MTV Award Show.  Click Here to See More!

South Beach Smoke reviews are positive, and my experience was a winning one with this solid e-cig brand.  If you want a classy, trendy, functional e-cigarette, you can’t overlook South Beach Smoke brand.

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