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Smoke Tip Flavors

Smoke Tip reviews looked good when I was introduced to this brand in 2009.  Since then, many new e cigarette brands have popped up and sort of eclipsed Smoke Tip as a premier brand.

I can’t say a bad thing about Smoke Tip.  They offer quality products at a very reasonable price.

In fact, Smoke Tip has a vaporized smoke that has been a favorite e-cig of a friend of mine named Mason.   Smoke Tip is an electric cigarette company that is held in high regard by budget vapor smoke users.  Smoke Tip offers free shipping on all orders and delivers within 1-3 business days.  (See their official website for more information if you are outside of the USA.)

I made an order in early December, 2010, to do a fair Smoke Tip review.  The order arrived in 4 business days and I took about a week to test the device.

Here are the highlights of the brand.   Mason says it’s his pick as the best e cigarette smoking device on the market today…..scroll down to see if I agreed in my no holds barred Smoke Tip Review.

Affordable? YES.  Smoke Tip sells it’s starter kit for $59.99.

Flavors? YES.  Smoke Tip offers 10 flavors including Peach, Cherry, and even an almond flavor!

Money Back Guarantee? YES.  Full 30 days.

The last item worth noting is that every cartridge comes with an atomizer, meaning you never have to worry about that as they are packaged together.  That’s a big thing for e-cig smokers to worry about, but with Smoke Tip you don’t have to.

My opinion on Smoke Tip….

I’ve tried over 50 brands of electronic cigarettes, and this one makes the cut and belongs in the top class of e-cigarettes.  As far as smoke volume, ease of draw, and experience, it compares to V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, and the Safe Cig.  As far as accessories and a more involved experience, it comes up a little short.  That’s not a big deal, and Smoke Tip is a perfect e-cigarette for some people. I just don’t see the marketing and sense of desire that other brands have to really get the message out about vapor cigarettes, which to me is a little odd as this industry is growing rapidly.  Maybe I’m wrong….time will tell.  On the other hand, less is more sometimes.  No need to over-sell.  The Smoke Tip does a great job at putting out a quality electronic cigarette, and people who try it will agree.  I respect the simplicity, and enjoy the product personally.

You can visit the Official Website of Smoke Tip to read more about this up and coming brand.

Thanks for reading my electric cigarette review blog, and I hope you find yourself joining the vapor smoking revolution!