Sick of the Stink: Electronic Cigarettes Have Numerous Benefits

Even smokers get sick of smelling like stale smoke. No amount of perfume or cologne can cover up that ashtray smell, and chewing gum has a temporary and minor effect at best. Smokers breath is actually the smell of your lungs reacting to the tar and other chemicals that are clogging and killing them. Of the many benefits of smoking electronic cigarettes, getting away from that stale and often disgusting smell is a huge incentive to make the switch.

Non-smokers will tell you that nothing is more annoying than getting home after a night out and smelling like smoke. Your hair and clothing has to be washed if you don’t want to smell like an old ashtray, and if you get in bed with smoky smelling hair, the sheets will reek of it in the morning. For non-smokers, it’s easy to notice these negatives. But for smokers, these are the things that are less obvious.

It turns out that as a smoker, you can’t actually smell all that well. That may be why smokers consistently smell so bad – they can’t tell that they smell like cigarette butts. And for people who attempt to cover it up or avoid it, they are fighting a losing battle. Cigarette smoke is tenacious, and it’s unlikely that anything you do – besides quitting smoking altogether – is going to make much of a difference.

And this is where electronic cigarettes come in. There are many benefits of smoking electronic cigarettes, including saving money and probably being healthier in the long run. But the most obvious will be the way your sense of smell and taste changes, and how much better you smell to others as a result.

There’s a lot of bad stuff in tobacco cigarettes. Besides the additives which you can sometimes avoid, tobacco itself contains hundreds of compounds which are carcinogenic. There’s really no way to inhale smoke without having a negative effect on your mouth, throat, lungs, and your entire circulatory system.

People who smoke tend to get sick more often because their immune system is overwhelmed by the presence of so many toxins. While electronic cigarettes still contain nicotine, they do not contain the 4000 chemicals that are known to be present in tobacco cigarettes. That trade off is pretty good.

Add to that the fact that you can smoke electronic cigarettes without making everyone and everything around you smell like smoke, and you can see why so many people are at least willing to try. They see that there are benefits of smoking electronic cigarettes, and giving them a shot seems worthwhile. Especially since smoking electronic cigarettes is cheaper in the long run. Smoking tobacco is incredibly expensive, and for most people, switching will result in savings.

It’s hard to summarize all of the benefits of smoking electronic cigarettes without mentioning how bad smokers smell. The smoke is what causes most of the health problems, both for smokers and those around them. It’s also what makes you and your entire life smell like a stale ashtray.