NJOY Gets Funding

Well, well, well….he’s BACK.  

Sean Parker, one of my favorite people of all time, has joined a group that’s funding NJOY to the tune of $75 million.  If you don’t remember Sean Parker, he’s the one who founded Napster and later went on to become a part of Facebook.  He’s played by Justin Timberlake in the hit movie “the Social Network” – see the clip below.

The funding will be used for “marketing, clinical trials, research and development, and international expansion” according to the news story I read here.

This marks a major move for NJOY, who recently went on a big campaign with their new product, the “King,” which launched in New York.

Parker is known for investing in disruptive companies and likes the idea of investing in a huge market like e-cigarettes, apparently.  E-cigarettes are not currently regulated by the FDA, but are currently a booming industry which cannot be ignored.  Figures have been estimated that the current market share is $500 million globally, which was previously $250 million, and before that, much less obviously.  (Check my facts, those are all from stories I read online.)

I do love the fact companies are getting funded and the industry continues to grow.  With people like Sean Parker getting involved, the future is bright.

Read about the product I’ve been recommending for a few years now here: