My Life Without Tobacco: What an Improvement

Today I thought I’d reflect back on numerous things that have changed in my life since I stopped smoking cigarettes and started vaping’ away with e-cigarettes…..

Most people who smoke don’t drop dead from smoking. In fact, even people who do die from smoking end up spending years suffering through treatments and side effects that can be worse than the symptoms of the disease they are dying from. Increased risk of diseases like cancer, heart disease, and stroke are some of the reasons why smoking can kill you, but they can take time to become deadly and suffering through diseases like that is stressful, painful, and incredibly difficult.

But it’s not just dying that should convince you to quit smoking. People who smoke cigarettes suffer from a wide range of health problems that aren’t deadly, but make your quality of life worse. Some are primarily cosmetic, like the way that smoking causes wrinkles. Others affect the way you can live your life, like the pain in your chest you feel anytime you attempt to do anything physical.

Benefits of Quitting That Happen Right Away

 There are a few nice things that happen to people who quit smoking. Did you know that things smell and taste better when you quit smoking? It turns out that smoking dulls both your sense of smell and sense of taste. That may be one reason why smokers smell so bad – they don’t even realize how strongly they smell of cigarettes because they just can’t smell themselves.

Additionally, your heart rate and blood pressure will drop almost right away. Smokers’ blood is clogged up with carbon monoxide and very low in oxygen as a result. When you stop smoking, your levels of carbon monoxide fall within a few hours and circulation improves within a few weeks. You’ll also realize that you produce less phlegm and stop wheezing and coughing. As a result of better circulation your skin will start to look healthier, and every cell in your body will be healthier.

And within just a few months, you’ll really start to notice a difference in how your lungs function. You’ll be able to breath easier, you won’t get as tired as quickly, your muscles will feel stronger because of the increased oxygen getting to them, and you’ll be able to climb stairs without running out of breath.

How to Quit Smoking Forever

 If you’ve tried to quit before but always found yourself going back to smoking, you may want to try a substitute. Some people find they can substitute exercise for smoking, and during their days they take “walk breaks” instead of smoke breaks. Others look to nicotine patches, gums, lozenges, or electronic cigarettes to deliver the nicotine they are addicted to without the tar and smoke of tobacco products. Electronic cigarettes deliver nicotine in warm water vapor and come in a variety of flavors.

The fact is, the addiction to smoking is intensely strong. Even after the nicotine is out of your system, you will want to smoke, probably for the rest of your life. But compared to what your life would be like if you don’t quit, missing cigarettes should be something you can bear.

I look back every day and think of what my life would have been like should I have continued down my path of smoking cigarettes.