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Reports are in:  Consumers finding success with Green Smoke’s Electronic Cigarettes

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The Only Green Smoke Review You Need to Read

No matter what the case is, you can rest assured that as an industry expert and voice of vapor cigarette smoking, I can say with 100% confidence that if you try Green Smoke, you will find they are as good as ANY brand in the e cigarette world.

They just feel so real and are in a class of their own when it comes to smoke quality and volume.  Especially with the Flavor Max update they did in July of 2011, the cartridges were so greatly improved that even old customers that had tried other brands came crawling back to Green Smoke.


I first started using these in November of 2009, about when I started this e cigarette review site.  Don’t get me wrong, there are other brands that  I enjoy, but if you read Green Smoke consumer reviews elsewhere, I’m not the only one that feels this is a top flight brand with the BEST customer service, hands down.  Green Smoke knows how to treat their customers, and I’ve been hard pressed to find a brand that works so hard at keeping their customers happy.

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Green Smoke continues to blaze trails in the e cigarette world, and you can catch Green Smoke Racing’s first venture into NASCAR  with the sponsorship of TJ Bell.  This is by far the largest step into the main stream for e cigarette companies, and I’m happy it’s Green Smoke who is doing this.  Green Smoke has always been a very stand-up company, as evidenced by their millions of happy customers.  While other brands have ventured into advertising in NASCAR, it was Green Smoke who paved the way for these e cig brands to advertise as such.  What a great move, as evidenced by the many other brands following suit.

As mentioned earlier in the Green Smoke review, Green Smoke is also proud to release their Flavor Max cartridges.  As of 7.15.11 these are for sale. You now get 360 puffs per cartridge and 25% more vapor than past Green Smoke cartridge editions! I’ll have an update on the review coming very soon as I placed an order and am waiting for my new cartridges.

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I’m proud to say that almost two years after posting my first review of Green Smoke, the company has remained a strong brand and continues to impress me on all levels.  There have been many new companies entering the electronic cigarette marketplace, but none have rivaled the level of respectability that Green Smoke simply commands.

Green Smoke remains tops in my book for customer service, and that is echoed by many of the comments by real consumers right here.  As 2011 progresses, and as we reach 2012, you can look for more great news about the expanding Green Smoke brand of electric smoking products.

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