Fight Nicotine With Nicotine? Not Necessarily…

Sorry for my delay in updates, I was on vacation – my only one of the year. :)  Today I’d like to talk about nicotine replacement and how that relates to quitting smoking.  I always try to help people quit smoking, and although I think e-cigarettes are the best method, I know I can’t bore everyone with continued talk about those.

So today, enjoy an update of a different variety….

If you are thinking about quitting smoking, there is a wide variety of  devices to choose from. While the variety of quit smoking devices can be intimidating, try to look at it as a child looks in a candy store. Come to think of it, there are enough quit smoking remedies currently on the market to open a store just for the devices alone!

People quit smoking for all different reasons but the common denominator is health. Good health, better health, or maybe even a radical new healthy living life-change are all positive motivators for people working to kick the nicotine habit. In addition to prescription medications available from your doctor, there are plenty of over-the-counter devices. Gums and patches, for example, can be purchased with and without a doctor’s prescription. These gums and patches also come with different ingredients and approaches to aiding the quitting smoker. Nicorette, for example, is a nicotine replacement gum that actually delivers small amounts of nicotine to help curb painful withdrawal symptoms. However, more and more people are rejecting the idea of substituting one form of nicotine with another and for those trying to quit, there are other options.

Herbal remedies are some peoples’ first stop. They reason that if they are going to get healthy, they want to do it naturally without adding more drugs and chemicals to their system. Kick Your Nic! is an all natural herbal supplement that eliminates cravings and helps reduce weight gain. Kick Your Nic! has a full quitting program that starts out with capsules and later recommends a mouth spray used to satisfy cravings down the road.

CigArrest is an all natural quit smoking program which includes homeopathic remedies to support the quitter physically and emotionally during their journey. The CigArrest homeopathic formula contains a blend of six different herbal ingredients that combine to offer a safe treatment alternative for smoking cessation.  The active ingredients are formulated to help the smoker feel more comfortable and relaxed through withdrawal while stimulating the body’s natural defenses. CigArrest starts out with homeopathic tablets and also includes non-nicotine gum and lozenges. Anti-oxidents and vitamins are also part of the CigArrest Program. Over the twenty years they have been around, the CigArrest naturopaths have developed a specific combination of vitamins such as Vitamins C and E, Beta Carotene, and Lycopene. These vitamins work to repair the damage caused by smoking. Strong anti-oxidents are used to neuteralize the free radicals that are damaging molecules on the cellular level.

Physical withdrawal from nicotine only lasts 7 to 10 ten days. The psychological addiction can last much longer. Virtually every quit smoking device on the market today recommends additional support to ensure that once you have quit you stay quit. Cigarettes are companionship to a smoker; they can bring happiness and satisfaction, relaxation and a feeling of deserved indulgence. Quitting smoking is not about losing those good parts of life; it is about replacing them with healthy alternatives. Good luck finding yours.