Electronic Cigarettes: Can They Help Your Memory?

When I read the headline of a Science Daily Article, I almost broke my mouse clicking through to read the story.  What I found on the following page was a very rewarding and informative piece about how electronic cigarettes may have the potential to help your memory.

This intrigues me…..finally, something positive with an actual study and substance behind it.  I love this type of stuff.

Electronic cigarettes help memoryI’ll try to make the report less wordy and get right to the meat and potatoes of the article.  Basically, a Dr, named Lynne Dawkins, who hails from the University of East London, ran a research study on 85 smokers made up of men and women.  The smokers were given an e-cigarette at random with one of two options, nicotine or a placebo.  Some of the 85 participants were told to hold the e-cigarette without using it in any fashion.  After five minutes were counted where the participants were allowed to use the e-cigarette to their desired level, the participants completed a series of questions.  This was done in order to gauge cravings and the mood of the participant.

The quiz was then administered again after 20 more minutes had passed.  Also worth noting, 60 of the participants were instructed to perform a working memory task in 10-15 minutes time after using the e-cigarette devices.

So, let’s get on to the RESULTS….

The electronic cigarettes that contained nicotine helped men more than women when comparing the ability of reducing the craving and improving mood.  The electronic cigarette placebo was equally as good as the nicotine for the female participants.  The participants tested for working memory showed that the e-cigs with nicotine helped both male and female participants maintain working memory compared to those in other study groups.

Dr Dawkins was quoted saying:


“….we found that e-cigarettes with nicotine help maintain working memory in smokers who have not smoked for an hour or two.”

So there you have it – positive electronic cigarette news!  No updates today about haters or “e cigarette safety concerns.”

I thought this was a good article, and worthy information of sharing.  Thanks for reading and please leave comments for me – it’s people like you who help this site grow.   If you haven’t seen my 2012 e cigarette reviews, click here for the home page.