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E-Cig Reviews

Make sure to read this page before any others.

If you are shopping around for the best electronic cigarettes, or “e-cigs” as many people call them, there are many reasons to read electronic cigarette consumer reviews before buying.  Many people are making the switch to electronic cigarettes, and this is causing people to flock to the web to find the latest information, brands, and e-cig reviews.  Below are a few ways you can benefit from reading electronic cigarette reviews before buying.

(If you don’t care to read about the many tips I provide while you read electric cigarette reviews, and want to get right to my electronic cigarette rankings, just scroll past all this stuff and at the bottom of the page you will find my picks as the best electronic cigarettes.)

Andy’s Electronic Cigarette Reviews FYI

1.  Find out what other cigarette smokers are saying about various electric cigarette brands before you buy. 

These people are (or were) hard-core smokers of traditional cigarettes before they made their decision to give e-cigs a shot.  Of course, they know what they want when they smoke e-cigs, and their insight and opinions can help you find the best e-cigarette without going through a huge hassle.  Find a site that is written by someone who has tried several brands, such as this e-cig blog that I set up to document my personal experiences with smokeless cigarettes.

2.  Also, it’s always good to find out more about the respective companies that market the electronic cigarettes. 

A good e-cig review should always include information that is either positive, negative, or neutral about the maker’s of e-cigarettes.  If a bad experience was had with a customer service rep, that should be documented and duly noted.  If a question wasn’t answered to satisfaction, it should be taken into consideration before buying an e-cigarette from that company.  Of course, with so many comp0nents going into the e-cigarette, it’s important that customer service is taken into consideration.  If the buying process is difficult, what do you think the experience will be like after you’ve already paid them?

3.  Some brands are having trouble fulfilling orders. 

This is not because they aren’t capable of manufacturing, but for starters, I saw the traffic of this e-cigarette blog skyrocket when there was a recent announcement involving the FDA.  I’m sure many of the e-cigarette manufacturers had a problem filling orders due to increased demand on the positive news that was released.

Just as you spend time scrutinizing details when you buy a computer, a car, or a home, you should definitely take your time when you buy e-cigarettes.  Read as many consumer reviews as possible, and this will likely lead to you making the best decision you could make and lead to an overall better e-cigarette experience.

Thanks for reading my e-cigarette blog, and best of luck in your search to find the best e-cigarette for you.

For those of you looking for Andy Gray’s famous Electronic Cigarette Brand Rankings, read no further!  Below is an updated ranking of my favorite e-cigarette brands.  This was updated on October 10, 2010 and will be updated frequently as I get my hands on new electronic cigarettes.

1.  V2 Cigs

Read my home page and V2 Cigs review Page for more information on this brand. It’s currently running away from the competition at the moment, and it’s a brand I use constantly!

Whenever they run specials, I have a script that provides a pop-up coupon that will direct you on which code to use.  :)  I’m all about being frugal.

2.  Bull Smoke 

This is the best priced starter kit on the market, and it’s important you check out their offer here: 

Those are my runaway winners and the ones I use every day interchangeably going back to late 2011.

If you are looking for other brands, the honorable mentions are below.

Green Smoke

Another top dog of the electronic cigarette industry, they were the first brand to bring to market the two part component system.  This electric cigarette snaps together with ease, provides a HUGE amount of vaporized smoke, and has never malfunctioned.  If you read some of the customer reviews, you will find that Green Smoke’s Customer Service is quick to replace any unit you order, should you be unlucky enough to have an experience that is less than satisfactory.  This is my favorite e-cig, and the brand that I continue to smoke regularly, safely, and in a fashion that does not hurt the environment.  The things they are doing to lead the e-cig revolution are simply incredible.  (They have invested serious cash into making their e-cigs in the USA in order to comply with recent safety conerns.)  Translation:  they are here to stay and will continue to be the best source for the best vaporized smoking experience.

Visit Green Smoke’s Official Site for more information

I used to recommend other brands, but that really rounds it out for me personally.  If I had to throw in two more brands to take a look at, it would be South Beach Smoke and Ever Smoke.  Both made by the same people, those are high quality brands that have a lot of presence in the market.



Andy Gray