E-Cigarette Christmas List

To quote the great Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation, “it’s the gift that keeps on giving, Clark.”

Well, Cousin Eddie wasn’t talking about electronic cigarettes, but he may as well have been.  E-Cigarettes are STILL growing rapidly in many parts of the world, and they aren’t losing steam any time soon (pun-intended).  This year, I’m fully ready to give the gift of a better smoking experience to many loved ones on my Christmas list.

I’m not sure who reads my blog in my direct family, so I’m not going to go into details on anything past stocking stuffers!

Here’s what I’m giving to various people on my list that are over 18 and have a knack to smoke cigarettes.  These people can all benefit from an e-cigarette!

1.  Family whose stockings I have access to:  disposables from Bull Smoke.  I recently loaded up on these when they had a December sale.  Talk about a great item to fit into a stocking that will be talked about for years to come.

2.  People who REALLY need to quit, but have a hard time doing it.  A basic starter kit from any brand works, but when you really have to make an impact, go for the V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit.  If they receive something of this nature they will think twice about not using it.  The presentation is unreal, and they will certainly be impressed.

3.  For people already smoking e-cigs:  cartridges and accessories!  This is easy.  Buying in bulk always saves money, so I tend to order up a ton from various top brands and spread the love.

I don’t have a list of the brands, but there are some brands that even do gift certificates. This allows your loved ones to get whatever they choose.  Maybe Aunt Sally really has a knack for the chrome battery and you would have pegged her for a traditional, white battery?  Hey, you never know.

E-cigs make a great gift.  Please spread the love this holiday season.

All my best Holiday wishes!