Which Celebrity Should be the Face of E-Cigs?

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  It was lovely here in South Florida.  Nice enough where I was able to play some soccer and then embark on a three bar pub crawl with some of the guys along the way.  Making my way to three new Irish pubs, I was able to introduce electronic cigarettes to many soccer fans.  You know how those Scottish fans (who were cheering on Celtic this weekend) like to smoke?  Well, they hadn’t heard of the good old e-cigarette.  Leave it to me to get some more people on board the art of vaping!

It got me thinking – e cigarettes have received two big pushes from celebrities.  One, from Katherine Heigl, when she appeared on David Letterman with an e cig.  The actress garnered national attention in the USA and many YouTube videos are now floating around talking about her and her involvement.  Push two came with Johnny Depp’s character on “The Tourist” – he famously puffed an ecig on a train ride and throughout the movie, (which was a letdown in the box office I read – but personally I enjoyed it) increasing awareness and helping the Smart Smoker brand gain steam.  (Pun totally intended.)

So this begs the question – which celebrity – past or present company included – would make an ideal icon for the e cigarette movement?

I considered making a poll for this question, but there are just so many options that it doesn’t do it justice.

I’m going to submit my early entries for who would be perfect at promoting e cigarettes, as well as back up my thoughts with a few reasons why.

1.  Charlie Sheen – Hollywood Star

Not a single person in the world right now can captivate an audience and have people clinging to his every word.  Sheen’s bad boy brand may turn off some people, but awareness will go through the roof.  For every “good guy” and role model out there, there is someone who attracts fans of the opposite nature. I’m not putting Sheen down or saying he’s a bad guy, but I suppose most of the world thinks he’s bad because most of the world is still old school and wouldn’t stand for drugs, prostitution, or massive alcoholo consumption.  I live in Miami and spend years in South Beach living in the thick of debauchery – so Sheen’s bender is something I’ve seen from neighbors, peers, and even celebrities, for quite some time.  I’m a Charlie Sheen fan, and if I owned an e cig brand, I’d be reaching out to him right now.

2.  Anna Kournikova  – Tennis Player

Yes, she hasn’t been in the media much, but she has fans, male and female, and being a cigarette smoker this would certainly be a way to lead by example in the world of professional sports.  The tennis player, who may be more known for her model looks than her play on the court, has a global fan base and is an icon.  Advantage:  Kournikova.

3.  Angel Cabrera – PGA Tour Golfer

Cabrera smokes….and smokes…and smokes…..just watch him and you’ll see.  While he may not be a household name that everyone will recognize, he’s on TV each Sunday from now until football season starts up.  If he’s in the hunt on Sunday, you can be sure to see him smoking on one of the many fine courses the Tour plays on.  Plus, it would probably keep the course free of ash, which of course, the groundskeepers would like.

Honorable mention:

Denis Savard (retired NHL hockey player – hall of famer) chain smoker until 1985.  Would smoke packs per day and in between periods.  How he was so graceful is anyone’s guess.

That’s all I have – but I’m sure there are many people who have better suggestions.  Please, submit a comment and tell us who you think should be one of the faces of e cigarettes by using the comment form below.