Buying Electronic Cigarettes Online versus in Mall Kiosks

A lot of people make comments on my blog about where they can buy electronic cigarettes.  My simple answer remains the same:  buy online.

There are many advantages to buying online, and I’ll outline them below.  You can learn from my experiences, and know that I keep this blog up to date so consumers will be protected and always buy with wits and not instincts.

Major pro’s of buying e-cigs online….

  • Ability to have a log-in and password.  This is easy access to your favorite e-cigs when you need to re-order cartridges.  Forget making a trip to the mall and dealing with a vendor who may or may not have the items in stock at the time.  It’s gas money, effort, and the aggravation factor if they don’t have what you need in stock.  When you buy online, you simply visit the site of your preferred electric cigarette brand, login, and order. No sales tax in most occasions is a big savings as well!

Downfalls of relying on mall kiosks for your e-cigarettes….

  • I find mall kiosk vendors the most pushy in the world.  I get sweated each time I pass them by, even if I ignored them last time through.  It’s annoying.  I go to the mall for peace and to walk around – not to get talked into buying something I can buy at home on my computer.
  • Sometimes, as in the case with the Smoking Everywhere group in South Florida malls – they just vanish into thin air.  This is true….they were present in Sawgrass for over a year, and now are nowhere to be seen. I  can’t even locate them at other South Florida malls.  If this were my e-cig of choice I would not be a happy camper!
  • You never know what sort of stock they will have.
  • You never know what you will get – often times (like Smoking Everywhere) the kiosks are operated by independent companies and the products are not backed by the original manufacturer.  If you have ever tried to get your money back from a distributor or “middleman” in any industry, you know what kind of struggle this can be.

Buying e-cigs online is easy, discreet, and non-confrontational.  You can also investigate any company you may find needs further investigation with a few simple searches and mouse clicks.  For my money, and as a constant e-smoker, I will always buy online.

Hope this helps a few lucky consumers save some money and hassle when buying e-cigarettes and refill cartridges.

Happy Shopping,