Bull Smoke Review

Ranch Hand Kit by BullSmoke.comBull Smoke is notorious for being popular with people who want something simple, effective, and amazingly original.  

I’ve been smoking Bull Smoke more and more since they released their new technology in June of 2012.  The batteries are much more powerful now – they moved up from a 3.7 volt battery (most brands have this type) to a blazing 4.2 volt battery!

“More Vapor. No Bull.” That’s the tag line of this western brand of electronic cigarettes called Bull Smoke.

HUGE NEWS:  Bull Smoke is offering kits for $24.95 for a limited time!

This is huge, because they usually run $74.95.  

A unique electronic cigarette smoking experience that features the popular two piece design and 10 different flavors, including 3 variations of tobacco flavors called American Ranger, Turkish Tobacco, and Refined blend.  Each tobacco blend has a distinct flavor that resembles different flavors of tobacco. (Although keep in mind the product is tobacco free like all other brands reviewed here.) In addition, Bull Smoke offers flavors like coffee, grape, vanilla, peppermint, cherry, chocolate, and of course, my personal favorite – menthol.

Bull Smoke Offers two Starter Kits, called Ranch Hand and City Slicker. Each are unique in the way they get you started with smokelessBullSmoke.com - Top E-Cig brand of 2012 cigarettes.  They both cost $74.95 which puts it in the higher price bracket for e cigarette kits, but both kits come with a lot of value, which I’ll outline below.

Is Bull Smoke worth the investment?

In short, everyone is agreeing that it is.  Two batteries, all necessary charging devices, and 10 flavors, (including three varieties of tobacco flavors) and strength levels from 0 mg to 24 mg, this e cigarette performs at a high level and is available worldwide.  Some of the largest e cigarette brands don’t ship worldwide, which is annoying a ecigs have a global appeal.

One thing that helps consumers save money with Bull Smoke is the customer rewards program.  All purchases earn 10% of all purchases accrued in their account  towards future purchases on their website.  This brings down the low cost of e cigarette smoking even more!   They also reward you for referring friends.

Here are some key points about each starter kit offer:

Ranch Hand:

• Includes 10 cartridges in a mixed variety of  Turkish Tobacco and American Ranger.  This gives new electronic cigarette smokers a chance to try different styles of e cigarettes as well as have various strength levels, which are included in the set.

• Includes 2 Bull Smoke Batteries, USB charger, wall adapter, travel case/gift box, and of course the standard owner’s manual.

City Slicker:

• This is geared for electronic smokers who want to sample multiple flavors of cartridges. Each City Slicker Kit contains every component above mentioned in the Ranch Hand kit, but instead of offering simply tobacco flavors, the City Slicker offers 10 different flavors in a 18 mg strength.

Use “NoBull” to save 10% off all orders.  That is an always-working Bull Smoke Coupon Code.

Official website of Bull Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

Bull Smoke is among the best e-cigarette brands for a few reasons.

1.  They use a simple approach with simple products – no fluff, no gadgets, just great e-cigarette technology.

2.  A wide variety of battery colors, cartridge flavors, and really tasty flavors as well.

3.  Their customer service is by far the best out there.  Send a detailed email asking questions and you too will find out.

Bust into the Bull Smoke Starter kits and you’ll find the product packaging is classy and colorful.  Inside you find the cartridges neatly boxed and ready to be used.  Each of them has their safety caps in tact, which also ensures freshness.

The flavors are all tasty.   I’m not a huge fan of smoking flavored cartridges as I’ve stated in my past e cigarette reviews but I have to say they were in line with my expectations.  Grape was a nice diversion as it reminded me of a grape jolly rancher candy!

The actual batteries are the same size as V2 Cigs, for anyone looking for an e cigarette comparison.  Overall, I’m impressed with the new technology – it’s simply incredible and the new batteries really create a nice, thick stream of vapor while bursting your mouth with tastes of whatever cartridge you use.

I’m seeing Bull Smoke reviews pop up on more and more sites.  It’s really become a world class brand, and I’m happy to be using their products regularly.

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Remember, the Bull Smoke Discount Code is “NoBull” and is to be used by following the banner above.