Bloog Electronic Cigarettes

Bloog is a founding member of the Electronic Cigarette Association

Bloog is a founding member of the Electronic Cigarette Association

One brand that sounds like it could be branding something special is Bloog.  Choosing not to name their company with any reference to smoking or cigarettes, Bloog has been a popular electronic cigarette that has been generous enough to offer a coupon code for any readers of my e-cigarette review blog.

It’s also worth pointing out that Bloog is a founding member of the Electronic Cigarette Assocation, protecting your right to e-smoke.

Simply enter  ANDY44TEN when you reach the checkout page at Bloog’s Official Website. If you enter it properly, you will save 10% off all purchases on Bloog Electronic Cigarettes.

Bloog’s brand of electric cigarettes caught my eye when I noticed many different e-cig flavors that weren’t being offered by other manufacturers of electronic cigarettes.  The full line-up of Bloog flavors includes:  apple, cherry, coffee, cola, energy bull, grape, spearmint, and vanilla.  For those of you electronic cigarette smokers looking for a more “realistic” flavor, don’t let those tropical flavors keep you away from this truly special brand.  In addition to a menthol flavored e-cigarette flavor, Bloog also offers Kamel and M’Boro flavors, which of course imply a similarity to the real brands offered by the cigarette giants bearing similar names.

Bloog Electronic Cigarettes are made up of the popular two-part component system.  That is, the e-cigarette battery battery is the main component and is available in white, silver or black.  The disposable cartridge is offered in many flavors, including one with no flavor at all, something preferred by some e-cig smokers.

Bloog’s flavors have been getting great e-cig reviews across the web, and I tend to feel they are among the most popular brands and certainly can be compared to both Green Smoke’s Electronic Cigarette was well as Blu Cigs version of the e-cig.

While I have not personally tried Bloog’s electronic cigarette yet, it’s an e-cig that does get mentions here and there so it’s worthy of posting it’s vital information on my e-cigarette review blog.  If you would like more information about Bloog’s e-cigarette, just visit their site by following the link I supplied below.  And don’t forget to use the special discount code I included in this review post if you do decide to buy Bloog’s smokeless cigarette device.

Remember, in order to get the 10% discount, you must reference code: Andy44Ten on Bloog’s Website.