What is the Best Electronic Cigarette?

The Electronic cigarette is the most innovative, debated, and misunderstood product I’ve seen in my lifetime.

The misinformation being spread drove me crazy, so in 2009, I started this informational site to help clear the air on many of the misconceptions.  In the process, I’ve built up a HUGE community here and have turned this website into an electronic cigarette review database as well as library of information where you can read peer reviews and see how consumers feel about the brands, the technology, and the e cigarette reviews I post.

I’m Andy Gray, and along with my trusty team of electronic smokers, we’re sharing our e-cigarette reviews with you and helping you find the best electronic cigarette.  There is no debating that vapor cigarettes are here to stay, and I pride myself in giving you the SCOOP on news in this evolving industry.   This blog is by consumers, for consumers, so please use the discount codes I’ve provided should you decide to make the switch to smokeless cigarettes!

If you think I am an “average Joe,” you are CORRECT. A consultant by trade, I quit smoking cigarettes in  2009 with the help of electronic cigarettes.  When I quit smoking, my life changed. Naturally, I decided to increase awareness and  created a blog about e-cigarette reviews.   Quickly after, the media picked up my website and deemed me an electronic cigarette expert. My views on electronic cigarettes have been published in more mainstream media than anyone in the industry.

You can see my comments routinely in the LA Daily News, Minneapolis Star & Tribune, BusinessWeek, ABC & CBS affiliates in Chicago, Philly, New York, Houston, (plus  dozens of smaller markets), Sign On Sand Diego, as well as Yahoo! Finance, and the Financial News Radio. For a full list, click here:  Andy in the news.

Import notice to consumers – under each e cig brand and respective page on this website, there are areas where you can leave comments and ask questions.  With over 1,500 total comments and you’ll see this site is the best place to interact with me and other consumers so you can truly find best products.  Check back daily as we are all here to help!

My Personal Favorite:  V2 Cigs Produce More Vapor, are My Current Best Electronic Cigarette

V2 Cigs Electronic Smokes

One of the latest brands of Electronic Cigarettes I had the pleasure of trying was the V2 Cigs E-Cigarette.  Let me tell you, that each time a new brand comes along, I always anticipate a letdown.  V2 cigarettes were far from a letdown, and in the 11 months I have used them, I keep looking at the progress this company makes and my jaw drops further each and every time.

If you didn’t read my full review, you should, it’s posted here:  V2 Cigs Review.

If you follow my link below and use “AndyG” as a code, you get 10% off all V2 products.

If you are just looking for the main details of this brand and want to remain on the home page of my e-cigarette review blog so you can compare to other brands, I’ve outlined the details below.  This is the brand I prefer at the moment, but I’ve had success with other brands which you can read about on this site and people have different preferences, so be sure to read all e-cig reviews.

V2 Cigs Discount Code:  “AndyG”

You have to follow this link for it to work:  V2 Cigs Coupon Link

Use that at checkout to save 10% off all purchases!

The Standard Kit offered by V2 is sold for $74.95, which is a fair price for e-cigarettes, and on the cheaper side if anything.    If you decide to purchase the V2 starter kit, here is what is mailed to you.

  • Choice of 2 white or black batteries, one manual or automatic, (in standard, shorty, or extra long lengths)
  • Charger with combo cord and USB charger
  • Wall adapter & Users Manual
  • Choice of two five packs of flavored cartridges & strengths

While I don’t mind sampling flavors once in a while, I am not a big flavor guy other than menthol.  Accordingly, I chose Congress Tobacco and Menthol with my V2 Starter Kit.  If you are a frequent smoker and like these tastes, you’ll probably be happy with these ones as they really simulate smoking.

If you are more of a social smoker or just like flavors once in a blue moon, here is the list of their 8 available flavors:  Cowboy Tobacco, (which is similar to Marlboro), Congress (which is similar to a Parliament) Vanilla, Coffee, and Cherry.

Note: New  flavors are now available:  Peppermint, Chocolate, Sahara, and Cola!

You get two choices of e-cigarette cartridge flavors and strengths (2 x 5 packs) when you buy the V2 Standard Kit.

I’m quite happy with this brand, and I’m very picky when it comes to e-cigarettes.  The company sells a lanyard, which can be worn around the neck to keep the e-cigarettes safe and handy, which stoked me because as a runner, I like to reward myself with a nice vapor puff after each 5k journey I embark on.  I also think the switch to e-cigarettes will help me finally complete my goal of running a marathon.

If you are unsure about spending $74.95, there is an Economy Kit offered at $59.95, that arrives with all you read about above but only one battery. If you are a social smoker and don’t need all the stuff of the first option, this gives you a better price point at which you can enter the vapor smoking revolution at a discount rate.

Lastly, V2 offers an option for those of you who are active in travel.  (V2 Travelers Kit.)  It’s essentially the first kit I talked about, but with more cartridges (15), a car charger, and a portable charging case that keeps the kit intact as you travel and lets you charge on the go.

Use discount code: “AndyG” and click through the below link for 10% off all items at V2 Cigs

You can Visit the v2 Cigs Store Here

Overall, V2 Cigs is impressive, innovative, and perhaps the fastest growing brand of e-cigarettes as of this month, but be sure to check on other e-cigarette reviews as your situation (hardcore smoker vs. social smoker) may be different from other peoples.  Thanks for reading my e-cigarette reviews, and please leave comments in the comment section.  I read and reply to them daily in an effort to help everyone find the best electronic cigarette.

V2 Cigs also features a unique Customer Referral Program known as “Smoke For Free.”  Basically, all customers receive a coupon code with their 1st order, along with cards to pass out to friends and family.  With this coupon code, any referrals receive 15% off V2 starter kits, and the customer receives a $15 credit to their store account, which can be used to purchase additional V2 merchandise. Essentially, you can get free cartridges and “smoke for free” by referring others!

Thanks for reading the V2 Cigs review, and special thanks for V2 Cigs for offering my blog readers the “AndyG” a whopping 10% off discount for all items.  Occasionally we get more V2 Cigs discount codes so join my mailer if you want updates.

Electronic Cigarette Review of the month:  Bull Smoke Electronic Cigarettes


City Slicker by Bull Smoke

Bull Smoke has become quite popular – I agree that it’s a unique offer one can’t ignore when shopping for e cigarettes.

Many companies complicate the e cigarette industry. Not Bull Smoke!  A simple approach to offering smokers an option – in a water vapor form – has been working wonders.  This electronic cigarette has been catching on and it’s here to stay. Read why I rank Bull Smoke as one of the best e cigarettes right now.

As the ecig industry grows, I’ve seen innovation on the product side, but I was really looking for that marketing campaign that blew me away.  I’m happy to say I’m a big fan of Bull Smoke and their marketing efforts already!  The brand is quite simple, with a tag line of  “More Vapor.  No Bull.”  That simple phrase reminds me of the old Budweiser advertisements “Tastes great!  Less Filling!”

November special:  Save $50 off starter kits by using code: “SmokeFree.”  Great way to start up e cigarette smoking at a big discount.

I’ve posted a full Bull Smoke Review for all to read.  The last month I’ve received many emails asking to compare Bull Smoke to other brands as it’s popularity has just started to grow.  What I can say to everyone is that if you are undecided about tastes of tobacco flavors or strength levels, then Bull Smoke’s Ranch Hand kit may be for you.  OR, if you are a social smoker, the City Slicker gives you 10 unique flavors, including there tobacco blends AND menthol – so it’s a good way to buy a full assortment of e cigarettes in one shot.   If you want to skip the Bull Smoke review and visit their site, click the link below to read why Bull Smoke appeals to smokers who crave a traditional look and feel.

Bull Smoke Official Website

Save $50 off starter kits for a limited time by using “SmokeFree” as a coupon code.

I’m proud to say Bull Smoke is here to stay and is a simple, yet effective vapor cigarette that yields tremendous results.  Read the review and full analysis for more information by clicking here:  More about Bull Smoke.

November 1 update:  Many people have sent me emails PRAISING the Bull Smoke customer loyalty program.  While I have yet to cash in my points, I’ve traded emails with the company and all purchases get 10% back in loyalty dollars that you can use for future products.  Pretty cool stuff!  I have to say that Bull Smoke has great customer service, a simple, yet effective e cigarette battery, and certainly is a brand I can put my reputation on the line in fully endorsing.

Best Customer Service, hands down.   Green Smoke has been among the most in-demand electronic cigarettes since I started this site in 2009!  Many Consumers Feel Green Smoke is the best electronic cigarette, and I have no reason to argue as I’m a HUGE fan of this e cig company, especially with their new Flavor Max Cartridges.

Green Smoke Coupon Code:  “disc10-9219” saves 10%!

Use this link to ensure you get the discount:   Green Smoke Store

Here's a pic of the starter kitWith a component system made up of two parts, the Green Smoke Electronic cigarette snaps together with ease and delivers a powerful vaporized smoking experience.  One of the best e-cigarettes since day one, this electric smoking device has set itself aside from the other top e-cig brands in customer service, component quality, and quality of the many flavored cartridges they offer.

Great news on 7/13/11 for Green Smoke Fans:

The new FLAVORMAX cartomizers are available and for sale!  Green Smoke has been working on this development for quite some time, and they are now live and for sale.  So if you have a Green Smoke kit and had second thoughts about trying another brand, go ahead and order new cartridges and give them a shot.  Long time buyers of Green Smoke – you are in for a treat next time you re-order cartridges.  I just did a video of myself smoking this and you’ll be SHOCKED at the increased amount of vapor.  You can see it here:  Flavor Max Review.

Also, all Green Smoke Starter Kits have been reduced by $10, making Green Smoke more affordable than before.

Green Smoke Review Essentials:

*Highest volume of smoke in the industry – (I have tried 99% of the e-cigarettes)
*Two piece system – atomizer and battery.  They snap together with ease.
*Patented technology & tasty variety of flavors.
*Constant sales on cartridges and large quantity discounts

As someone who made an effort to switch to smoking e-cigarettes, I tried many brands.  I never have an issue with anything having to do with Green Smoke.  Time and time again you’ll see people talk about their superior customer service and the way they do business is simply great.  Other e cig consumers like the quality of vapor production as well as the ease of working their e cigarette.  There are several ecig brands that  I enjoy, but if you read Green Smoke consumer reviews elsewhere, I’m not the only one who feels this is among the best electronic cigarettes PERIOD.

I also have a great discount code (below) in this Green Smoke review.

Use “disc10-9219” to save 10% off of your order. Click here for coupon

Why do many people feel Green Smoke is the best electronic cigarette?  Well, besides the above reasons, they have never had products on back-0rder, ship lightning fast, and do business on the up-and-up.  They also Sponsor NASCAR driver TJ Bell, so they are no “fly by night” electronic cigarette brand.  Buy with confidence.

Green Smoke UK Customers can order through this link for faster service and a built in 10% off!  Green Smoke UK



stay away from this brandAnother top tier E-Cigarette Brand is The Safe Cig

Updated:  9/16/11:  The Safe Cig Micro is here.  Scroll to the end of this review for this amazing update!

After bumping into an old friend at the local tavern, I was turned on to another brand of e-cigarettes called The Safe Cig.  When I asked my friend how this brand of e-cigarettes compares to others, he stated that  the technology lasts twice as long and gives consistent vapor volume for the life of each refill cartridge.

Never one to turn down a new electric cigarette, I gave a few puffs of this e-cig and took it for a test drive.  I found myself ordering a kit for my own use and to review later.  It was that good!  I am pretty set in my ways and smoke the same steam cigarette brands on most occasions, but a lot seems to be in the long-term pipeline for The Safe Cig’s E-Cigarette, and I always seem to be turning to it when I want something stronger.  I will also point this out, which I feel is very important.  The Safe Cig does contribute a lot of money to the research and development into electronic cigarettes, and they have pointed out on their website many certificates they hold that are stone cold proof of the dedication they have for further advancing the industry.  If you are leery of the quality of your e cigarette, you probably aren’t holding a Safe Cig.  They are paving the way for the safety of the industry, and not only that – they make no bones about their product and it’s intentions.  I’m a big supporter of their marketing and vision, and I think they just flat out do things the right way.

Best part, The Safe Cig gave my readers a 5% discount code: Safe4Andy

Coupon will work with this link:  Safe Cig Storefront.

Keep reading for the essentials, or if you are looking for a more in depth analysis, read my full Safe Cig Review.

Here is what you get with the Safe Cig’s Starter Kit, priced at $89.99

2 Batteries
A home/Usb combo charger
5 pack of the Disposable Atomized Refill Cartridges of your choice in flavor and strength

For another $12.95 you can get a nice case that holds all your new e-cigarette smoking devices.  TheSafe Cig has arrived, and its’ here to stay with the big boys in the industry.  I encourage you to read about this brand, which is popular with hardcore (two pack a day) smokers who want a natural tobacco taste sans tobacco.
Now, for the Safe Cig Micro, the latest offering in the e cigarette world is brought to you by a respected California brand, The Safe Cig.

Fresh out as of 9/15/11, this is the latest e-cig on the market.  Here are the details….

  • The Safe Cig Micro’s are sold in individual packs, each with their own color schemes and unique flavors.
  • These are equal to the EXACT SIZE of a traditional tobacco cigarette, making the Micro Safe Cig as close to the real thing as you can get.
  • The packs are sporty, trendy, and fit in your pocket.
  • Priced at $59.99, they are available in 13 flavors.  Refill packs of 7 are sold for $16.95.

Flavors offered are as follows:  Traditional, Classic, Menthol, Trinidad, Mandalay, Columbian, Brazilian, Madagascar, Madrid, Moroccan, Royale, Saharan, and Turkish.  I’m not really sure what each “country” means as I haven’t tried them, but you can count on me to make an order and report back my sentiment on each.

We’re all excited for the new Safe Cig Micro Reviews to pour in.  Please share your experience with everyone once you have a chance to try the Safe Cig Micro..

Click here to Visit The Safe Cig.

Blu Cigs Review – A Closer Look at a Powerhouse brand that keeps Evolving with Sophisticated Design & Technology

this brand is going placesWhen people ask me what brands consumers feel are the best electronic cigarettes for social smokers, I always tell them that many people are finding a lot of success with Blu Cigs.

Blu Cigs was one of the first e cigarette companies to make a presence in the USA and they remain a popular choice for people looking to start electronic smoking.  It’s a more “elegant” and “stylish” brand in my opinion that really markets itself to the young adult crowd that hits clubs, bars, and the night life scene.  Their advertising usually depicts social settings that are hip and cool.

As if making the switch to electric cigarettes wasn’t a savings enough, Blu Cigs offers a starter kit that sells for around the price of most of the cheaper e-cigarettes at $69.95.  The sharp packaging and solid design work shows you that a lot of time went into creating the smoking apparatus Blu Cigs offers.  The starter kit price affords you one pack that holds five e-cig cartridges, one electronic cigarette battery, as well as one spare battery.

Click for more information about Blu Cigs

I will state that “hardcore” smokers rarely find the success with Blu Cigs that they do with other brands. I’m not trying to rule out Blu Cigs as an option, but for the guy who appreciates an e cigarette that looks, tastes, and feels like an actual tobacco cig, I’m finding the majority of them are preferring other brands that perhaps try to be more rugged with their design and presentation.  Hopefully that makes sense for everyone – if not – make a comment and I’ll answer your questions.

In addition, you get the following with your Blu Cigs Starter kit:

25 cartridges in the strength of your choice
1 Wall Charger
1 USB Charger

Full 30 day money back guarantee and one year warranty!

Blu Cigs cartridges are made in the USA by Johnson Creek, a Wisconsin company.  They have an FDA registered facility and people seem to enjoy the flavors.  The newer devices for for 2011 create more vapor than previous versions, so be sure to check them out or ask about them if you have an older model.  Either way, everything is compatible across the brand.
Blu Cigs makes it really easy to buy e-cigarettes with their starter kit offer.  I have used Blu Cigs and continue to use them in certain situations.  (I am domesticated and rarely go out but when I do, it feels right using Blu Cigs in the night life scene – most my friends agree it’s a hip accessory that serves a major purpose.)  As stated earlier, if you are on a budget or want to move slowly into smoking e-cigarettes, this is a great brand to try out because they make it very easy to do so.  The batteries are very light, and some people like that as well.

***It’s important to note about the Blu Cigs review that there are comments dated back to 2009, as Blu Cigs was one of the first electronic cigarette brands I ever tried.  If you see comments dated prior to 2/8/2011, they reflect an ENTIRELY different product than that of which is on the market right now.  So, keep that in mind as you siphon through the comments and Blu Cigs reviews – most people agree that their upgrades were very efficient and the overall electronic smoking experience has been upgraded.

The above personal vaporizer / e cigarette products are my picks as the best electronic cigarette companies in the world right now. They not only offer quality vapor smoking products, but also back everything up by offering top notch customer service.  I have ordered from all of these brands and dealt with customer service on multiple occasions, so I can 100% stand by my reviews.  The reviews are updated frequently to represent changes within the brand and all are reflective of current price points.

Note: There is a new free trial offer going around.  It’s called simply:  E Cigs.  It gets great reviews elsewhere, so I figured it’s worth posting.

Free Trial of E Cigs Electronic Cigarettes

*Please note that while I do my best to provide informational e cigarette reviews based on my personal experience, your tastes and preferences may vary.  Be responsible and do your due diligence on all offers.

Note from Andy: I urge you to leave a comment, as hundreds of consumers have done since 2009.  Share with every0ne your experiences with various e cigarette brands, and ask questions.  You will find that everyone is here to help others.  If you wish, state what qualities you are looking for in an e cigarette, as well as what you smoke currently, and I’ll give you an honest choice as the best e cigarette for your taste and budget.  My site is unique in the fact that it’s for consumers, by consumers, and I take pride in keeping it up to date with the latest news about electronic cigarettes.  Most people who visit here are quick to help others as we’re all on a common mission here. :)

Please sign up for my newsletter for sale updates, breaking news, and warnings about companies that do not have proper stock or tend to be shipping on the slow side.  Thanks for reading and please do come back soon.

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