Benefits of Electric Cigarettes

Did you know that on average 400,000 people in the United States alone die from smoking related incidents each year?

Traditional cigarettes have been linked to cancer and cardio vascular disease, not to mention high blood pressure, diabetes, and other harmful illnesses.  Additionally, second hand smoke has been linked to medical conditions.  Since these facts have come to public light, many States have outlawed smoking in places where public attendance is welcome.  Smokers must find other areas to smoke, and if you live in a cool climate, this can be extremely inconvenient.

Electric cigarettes are beneficial in many ways – the obvious being the concept that you can “smoke anywhere.”  When you use a battery powered device that does not emit any tar, smoke, or foul odor, you are perfectly legal to smoke in areas where traditional smoking is not allowed.  In addition to delivering inhaled nicotine, electric cigarettes provide a flavor and physical sensation similar to that of inhaled tobacco smoke, but without involving tobacco, smoke or any form of combustion in its operation.

This smoking alternative is referred to as “vaping” by many people.  Vaporized smoking has been a sensation that has taken over crowds of people who are looking for the “fix” of smoking, the movement of the hand, the puffing sensation, and the act of smoking something where you can release a cloud of vapor into thin air with a drag of the atomizer.

These e-cigarettes or “vapor cigs” work by using an electric charge, through a battery, to deliver a volume of nicotine through an atomizer which compounds the smoke and allows it to be drawn upon through the plastic mouthpiece.

These days, smokers of all calibers and preferences can use e cigarettes to smoke anything from “light,” to “menthol” to a myriad of different cartridge flavors.  No fire involved means no potential for cigarette burns.  No ash means less waste and no worrying about smoking in the car.  No tar is better for your health.  All in all, the advantages are endless.

Lastly, e cigarettes can save the average smoker money.  When you make the switch to e cigarettes, there are no more trips to the gas station, no more looking for lighters, and the sheer cost of product goes down greatly.  It’s really an advantage to traditional smoking in many, many ways.  I’ve personally become an advocate for electric cig smoking, and I know MANY people who are doing the same.

This is quickly becoming one of the most advanced, worthwhile devices that have been brought to a mass market in quite some time.  Electric cigarettes are not only safer, smarter, and greener than traditional cigarettes, but they are also a better long-term, healthier option to smoking the traditional brands of cigarettes that we have become so familiar with over all the years.