Avoid Fake E Cigarette Reviews. Here is How.

I do my best to warn consumers of every possible way they could be deterred by other Internet sites and “news forums” out there so they can truly find the right e cigarette for their needs, budget, and preferences. 

Real E Cigarette ReviewsThat said, there is only so much one can do if they find other websites that discuss electronic cigarettes before mine.

It’s important everyone knows who they are dealing with on the always sketchy and questionable Internet, so I thought I’d come out here and give a full disclosure as to why my site is considered the most trusted, respected, and visited site on the web about electronic cigarettes.

However you found my site, welcome!  You’ve found a home for trusted reviews that are time-tested with hours of sweat, smoking experience, and consumer input. If you read my comment sections you’ll find thousands of comments from people like you. Some ask questions, some add advice, and others even leave their own e cigarette reviews for others to read and digest.  In short, you’ve stumbled into a site that is considered the #1 news source for e cigarettes.  We talk about good, bad, and ugly.  We talk about sales, promotions, new product releases, and of course, scams.  It’s an open forum where everyone can talk, argue, and review brands.

Not all e cigarette review sites were created equal!

There are many reasons why I have made headlines with this site.  There are many reasons why other sites CAN’T be trusted.  I’m going to give you a number of reasons why my site has been successful and gained traction with media, consumers, and e cigarette companies who are quick to reach out to discuss new product releases.


The number one reason this site is successful is the body of work that has been put in since 2009.  I’ve seen it all happen before my eyes, when I started talking about e cigarettes when they were about as hard to assemble as a 10,000 piece puzzle.  You can look back at the archives and read about all the updates and happenings along the way. It’s incredible what has happened in this industry.


Look around, there are many sites out there that talk about e cigarettes and lack personal touch.  How do you know who owns and operates these sites?  Why don’t they show their faces?  Are they out there to hustle you or talk you into a brand they have an obvious connection to?

I have advertisers.  I have disclosures.  BUT, I make no bones about the fact that I turn down advertisers who have products that I simply don’t like.  This isn’t financially driven, it’s driven by what products are worth discussing and working for consumers. Did you notice that I change my recommendations and even removed brands from this site at times when they were not shipping?  (Due to lack of inventory.)  I had advertisers at one point that screamed at me for openly talking about the fact they had severe back-orders and removed their ads.  It’s not about who has the biggest marketing budget, or who has the latest innovation. It’s about who can deliver a quality product and provide a TOP NOTCH customer service experience.  I don’t buy certain luxury vehicles because the service is awful. I apply the same logic to e cigarettes, and so far, people have thanked me in droves for the advice given.

We were all smokers at one point.  There is nothing worse than having a craving to enjoy a smokeless cigarette and not being able to obtain refill cartridges in a reasonable manner.  It’s unreal when that happens, and if you read the archives, it’s happened on multiple occasions.

On my e cigarette review site, I hold nothing back.    You’ll see videos of me, and sometimes my family, reviewing e cigarettes right out of the box.  These videos are rather primitive on many occasions.  If you visit another site and see professionally edited videos, you are probably reading a site that has a goal:  to sell you product.  While I’m quick to add a few screens with my contact information with the help of IMovie, I’m not one to go and invest in video effects and make this a Scorcese production. I simply get my opinion on video, add an intro and outro, and BOOM, I’m all set to send it to the masses.

My YouTube Channel has over 100,000 views and is rapidly approaching 200,000.  That’s not because they are edited to become an Academy Award, it’s because they are brutally honest, packed with information, and factual.


I own and operate a consulting firm.  That’s my main gig, and I often reflect on experiences in that world when I evaluate the operations of the electronic cigarette brands out there.  You’ll find that all information is written by a business professional who wanted to create factual information about an intriguing industry rapidly becoming popular with a critical mass.

I have been writing extensively since high school and hold a prestigious degree.  Would you ever believe the rants of someone who is an obvious marketer trying to sell you something that writes in broken English?  As stated in other portions of this site, there are many foreign marketers out there who simply write CRAP and expect people to believe it.  I can spot these sites right away, and I’m sure you can too.

Here is how to spot a fake e cigarette review site.

1.  Every brand they review is “THE BEST.”

This often means they get paid by every company listed on the site. When there are no “cons” about a product, you can assume that is exactly what’s happening.  I mean seriously, I run into sites and see up to 40 brands that are “awesome.”  I’ve tried over 50 brands, and I can tell you only a handful are “awesome.”  Seriously, there are many brands out there that lack in something, and I’m quick to point it out and compare it to other companies that do it better.

2.  No voice, video reviews, personal photos, or photos taken from their personal experience.

How do you know someone even tried the product if all of their photos are just logos or product pictures you can easily download from the website of the brand they are reviewing?  I have photos from my personal experiences, video reviews, and of course my voice is all over my podcast.  You know who you are dealing with, and it’s not someone sitting in a third world country who probably has never seen an e cigarette.  Don’t get me wrong, that’s not a knock on any marketer doing business that way, I outsource several in my main business, so I can draw on that experience and tell you with confidence that there are people out there with one goal:  to separate you from your money however possible.

3.  Non consulting, suggestions, or ongoing body of work helping consumers.

Please read my comments.  When someone asks a question, they get a consultative answer.  I don’t shove a product down their throat.  I ask questions, I give answers, and really try to help people.  I think that’s something that sets me far apart from other e cigarette review sites.

I can’t stress enough that you have to be careful when shopping online.  While the majority of people are very trusting of everything they read online, I’m one of the people who have learned from experience that you really do need to dig deep and get personal before trusting someone you “meet” online.

Please send this page to your friends and anyone you feel shops online for any type of product, as this pertains to many industries, not just electronic cigarettes.

All my best,