August Electronic Cigarette Sales

Made you look !  I wish I could announce some new sales of e-cigarette brands today, but typically August is a slow month.  Keep checking back on this page (you can always access my latest information by clicking the “Andy’s rants” button on the home page – it’s a good way to keep tabs on what I am up to and what new information I’m announcing.

August should have some sales towards the end of the month, unless V2 Cigs decides to wait to have their back to school sale around Labor Day, which I could see happening.  I’ll do my best to keep everyone informed as to what’s going on.   I do know of a starter kit sale over at Bull Smoke – just email them for a code because it came to my email and I don’t have it handy.

While I’m on Bull Smoke’s brand, what does everyone think of their new kits?  Personally I think the batteries slimming down a notch was a good update – the previous stuff was a little bulky but definitely cool.  The battery life is really good with this new stuff, and the cartridge updates are all in my liking – the Peppermint is really good.  So far I’m loving the black battery with the blue LED tip, and I think the kit options are still a nice touch and definitely unique.  I’m just curious if anyone else has noticed any other subtle changes in their brand.  They sure have stepped up marketing lately and seem to be growing fast.  Kudos, always good to see good people do great things.

I’m coming back later this week to update this entry and talk about any August electronic cigarette sales I can find out about.  Slow news week, not my fault guys but I’m doing my best to check in and stay active with everyone.

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