Bloog Electronic Cigarettes

One brand that sounds like it could be branding something special is Bloog.  Choosing not to name their company with any reference to smoking or cigarettes, Bloog has been a popular electronic cigarette that has been generous enough to offer … Continued

Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarettes

Blu Cigs Review.  Blu Cigs has the best electronic cigarette marketing, period.  One look at the short, to the point logo, and you won’t forget about Blu Cigs.
When people ask me what the best electronic cigarettes are for new vapor … Continued

Cigarti Electronic Cigarettes

This review was posted in 2009 and I can’t say I know anything these days about Cigarti, as it’s been almost four years since i used their brand.
One brand I can vouch for is Bull Smoke.

Your Solution & U Can … Continued

Joye eGo Review by DragonFly Cigs

Once again, I was reading consumer comments while burning the midnight oil.  “What brands do people want me to review?” …I thought to myself.  I perused the many comments and many consumers had asked me to review the Joye EGo … Continued

E-Cigarette Christmas List

Electronic Cigarette & FDA Hearing Update

Breaking E-Cigarette News….
For those of you who have been following the ongoing legal battle that electronic cigarette makers are having with the FDA in the USA, I have a big update for you all today courtesy of a press release … Continued

Electronic Cigarettes Inc.

Electronic Cigarettes Inc. Review
This brand is right up there with the best electronic cigs!

Electronic Cigarettes Inc. was among the first brands to enter the electronic cigarette industry and just happens to be the maker of one of  the best electronic … Continued

Freedom Smokeless Cigarette

I have been pretty happy with the way my Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes have been performing, so I haven’t ventured out and tried any new brands in a while. But in light of keeping up with the Jones’ as well … Continued

Green Smoke Unveils New Batteries June 7th

I just got an email from a friend of mine at Green Smoke.  They are unveiling new batteries to the public on June 7th.  This marks the first big update to their lineup of electric cigarette products in about a … Continued

Huge E Cigarette Discount Loophole

I’ve been trying to uncover new ways for consumers to save money on e cigarettes, and I’m uncovering information each and every day. Over the weekend, I went out and tried to crunch numbers about how to save money on … Continued

Njoy Electronic Cigarettes

NJoy Electronic cigarette brand got their start on the Internet several years ago and became a very large player in the industry.  They are now sold widely at gas stations like 7-11, which is really good for the industry. 

You can … Continued

Prado E Cigarette – Free Trial Offer on Electronic Cigs

Prado is one of the first e-cigarettes to really offer a free trial run of it’s product.  It’s important to note that I have not yet tried this vaporized smoking brand’s product, but since I’ve had some e-smokers ask me … Continued

Premium Electronic Cigarettes

I just learned about this new brand of e-cigs called Premium Electronic Cigarettes, and it was quite interesting to me.  The Premium brand allows it’s e-cigarette customers the ability to really customize the e-smoking experience.  What does that exactly mean, … Continued

Smart Smoker Video Review

One of my goals this year was to expand my video library of e-cigarette reviews and really grow my YouTube Channel, which you can find at
If you are looking for a more up-close and personal view of any of … Continued

Smoke Tip E-Cigarettes

Smoke Tip reviews looked good when I was introduced to this brand in 2009.  Since then, many new e cigarette brands have popped up and sort of eclipsed Smoke Tip as a premier brand.
I can’t say a bad thing about … Continued

The Safe Cig Video Review

I have posted a review of the Safe Cig (without any editing, so please excuse any errors) on
If you are looking for more information about the Safe Cig, I urge you to check out their website by following the … Continued

NJOY Gets Funding

Well, well, well….he’s BACK.  
Sean Parker, one of my favorite people of all time, has joined a group that’s funding NJOY to the tune of $75 million.  If you don’t remember Sean Parker, he’s the one who founded Napster and … Continued

V2 New Flavors Include Mint Tea & Grape has released two new flavors today.  The two new flavors are available in the 0, 6, 12, and 18 mg strengths.  I made an advance order of these right when I got the email, so I’ll have full reviews … Continued

Vapor 4 Life Review

Yet another electronic cigarette brand on the market is Vapor 4 Life.  I just received one of their kits in the mail and wanted to do a review of it right away since I had some interesting information.
I find this … Continued

Smoke 51 Review

I’ve seen a lot of press about Smoke 51’s brand of electronic cigarettes, so naturally I had to look into them.  The parent companie’s corporate offices are located only a stone’s throw away from my home in South Florida, and … Continued

Volcano E Cigarette Review

One company that seems to be gaining steam (I love saying that totally pun-intended) in the e cigarette industry is Volcano Cigs. First off, they have a “hot” name and fancy website.  I’ll stop with the puns and get right … Continued

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes

Everyone who reads my blog knows that the electronic cigarette I used to smoke on a regular basis is the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette.  Then, I made the change to V2 Cigs, and I use Bull Smoke quite frequently as … Continued