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These are my latest news stories!

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Costa Rica Bans Smoking (Awesome pic inside)

Ever Smoke has cool packaging.  (If you haven’t seen it, click through.  Bad ass stuff.)

Vapor Couture – Coming Soon.  (Elegant.  Slim.  Classy.)

Why Switch t0 E-Cigs?  The Smell

Rants, raves, reviews, updates, secrets.…all are welcome and more than appreciated.  This is for consumers, by a consumer.

Since I’m personally writing this page, like I do every other page on my electronic cigarette blog, I’m going go get out of third person now, (who am I, “The Rock?” ) and just let you all now that this page is where I’m going to post my most recent blog updates.  I don’t have an archive on the home page of my website, but that’s because I’ve compiled a virtual library of information dating back to 2009.  For that reason, I’m going to just give you all the link to my site’s sitemap at the bottom of this page.  From there, you can access EVERY page, every update, since 2009. It’s extensive, which again, is why it’s not on the home page.

This page is where I’m going to post what I feel is the “Can’t Miss” information, new reviews you should see and chime in on, and links to other sites and news stories that I think you should be in the know about.  Sort of the “Best of Andy Gray’s Blog” sort of thing.  Cool?

Enjoy, my fellow vapers….