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andygrayHello, my name is Andy Gray, and I am a proud father and consider myself a “family man.”

As a long time cigarette smoker who made the switch to electronic cigarettes in 2009,  I decided to devote my free time to becoming a leading authority on electronic cigarettes, commonly known as e-cigs.  I built this website to show people some of the finer points about e cigarettes and provide my own electronic cigarette reviews for others to learn from.  The first electronic cigarette I ever used was Blu Cigs way back in 2009.  Since then, I have become somewhat of a media sensation and answered thousands of questions posed by the media – and consumers like YOU – all on the topic of better understanding electronic cigarettes.

This is not a “quit smoking blog” nor are e cigarettes making claims that they are smoking cessation devices.  However, I offer many compelling reasons why one could switch to e cigarettes and even quit nicotine by using a zero mg cartridge in their e cigarette product.  Forget everything you have heard about the effectiveness of the ‘patch’ or ‘nicotine gum’ or even quitting ‘cold turkey’. None of these methods worked for me, or anybody else I know. As a long time smoker, I socialized with many, many smokers and have heard nothing but quitting horror stories. Tales of hundreds and even thousands of dollars wasted on these supposed ‘quick fixes’ like ‘hypnosis’, ‘laser therapy’, ‘zyban’, with no results to speak of. For me, everything changed when I stumbled into a mall vendor in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Not normally someone who pays attention to kiosks in the mall, especially ones staffed by very aggressive sales people, I did a double take when I passed one that was advertising electronic cigarettes. As somebody always looking for the latest gimmick to kick this nasty habit, I was immediately enthused. After listening attentively to a 5 minute sales pitch, and not being an impulsive shopper, I decided that I would go home and research this further. Frankly, what I discovered shocked me.

There are hundreds if not thousands of brands of ‘e-cigs’ on the market. Some are 2-part, some 3-part, some use USB to power, others use batteries. I decided that somebody needs to determine ‘what’s what’ with this industry. Accordingly, I have made this my mission in life to scour the web for the latest electronic cigarette news, information and innovations. All of the electronic cigarette reviews on this site are based on my personal experiences, and on occasions I’ve added the e-cig reviews of some close friends who have made the switch t0 e-cigs.  I have gone through great expense, both financially and timewise, to obtain and properly evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of these products from inside out.

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In some cases, I have provided links to websites of electronic cigarette manufacturers.  Should you decide to make a purchase after reading my e-cig reviews, that is entirely your decision and I have no responsibility for any purchase you make.   However, I do ask that if you wish to share your experience, good, bad, or indifferent, please come back and share it with others in the appropriate thread.  Your voice is heard on my site and there is no bias.  I just want the best for everyone and I don’t want you smoking tobacco cigarettes around my son. :)

If you have questions that I can answer prior to your purchase, or if you just want to pick my brain, feel free to use my contact form and I’ll do my best to help you out the best I can.  Should you have a bad experience, certainly let me know as I do interact with some of the e-cig brands on my site and it’s in my best interest to keep my reviews up to date from a consumers perspective.

Consumer feedback is great, so I encourage you to post your personal comments following each product review or news article.

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Yours in Health,

Andy Gray

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My disclosure:

Since my electronic cigarette blog has become quite the Internet sensation and I started taking advertisements, I was legally advised to write a disclosure.  I never thought it would get to this point but since I am considered a “guru” on the subject of vapor cigarettes, I have to make this disclosure.

I DO accept various forms of advertising on my site, and at times (but not all) I may receive compensation for clicks that result in sales.   That said, I do NOT let it effect the integrity or value of the e-cigarette reviews I post on my site.  I update reviews based on factors like shipping time, quality, customer service comments from the general public, etc.  To be blunt I’ve been offered a lot of money to review brands that I simply do not support, and will continue to run my blog for consumers and with the express opinions of myself and anyone close to me where mentioned.  I get new kits daily from brands that want the exposure or mention on this site, and what you see is the product of weeding out the vast majority that just don’t cut it.  If you are interested in advertising, please email me at andygraysreviews AT gmail.com.  I had to write it like that to avoid spam robots. If you run a popular blog, you know the drill.

It’s also worth noting that while many people have quit smoking tobacco cigarettes and claim that e cigarettes are the reason, electronic cigarettes are not marketed as smoking cessation devices.  Perhaps as time passes and clinical trials are done to the products, that will change, but for now it’s important to let people know where we are at.

I really enjoy doing this, and do it for a greener environment and so my family doesn’t have to put up with tobacco smokers in public!