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Electronic cigarettes changed my life in 2009. The “e cigarette” or “e-cig” is a device that emulates smoking so perfectly that it’s helped millions of ex tobacco smokers use these vapor producing cigarettes on a daily basis and forget all about the nasty ash, lingering odor, and awful costs associated with tobacco cigarettes.

I was fielding so many questions on my initial website, which was an open forum with electronic cigarette reviews posted by myself and friends, that I decided it would be a great service to put more time into my e cigarette reviews and really make a user-friendly website dedicated to electronic cigarette smoking, the pro’s and con’s of each e cigarette brand, and of course, e cigarette reviews and experiences from consumers like you.

In early 2010, various media outlets reached out to me to answer some questions about e cigarettes, and my website started to really gain traction. Look around the web and you will be hard-pressed to find a website about electronic cigarettes with more information, reviews, updates, and best of all, electronic cigarette coupon codes. My YouTube channel has 100’s of thousands of views, and my website is the top rated electronic cigarette informational site according to Alexa.com. Best of all, this e cigarette review website is for consumers, by consumers. It will always be that way. There are over 2,000 comments posted and I have many moderators’ here who help consumers find the best e cigarette.

“Avoid Fake E Cigarette Reviews.”

I do my best to warn consumers of every possible way they could be deterred by other Internet sites and “news forums” out there so they can truly find the right electronic cigarette for their needs, budget, and preferences.
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You’ll find that my consultative approach helps consumer’s find the best electronic cigarette. I ask questions. I give answers. I listen. I consult. There isn’t a single electronic cigarette website out there that can make those claims.

Why do I do this?

Because I dream of a world free of tobacco cigarettes. I’d like to one day know that my son will never be in the presence of such a dirty, filthy object. E cigarettes have changed my life, and they can change yours too. Electronic cigarettes are simply incredible.

Thanks for stopping by, and if I can ever help with anything, simply leave a comment in the appropriate thread or send me an email to andygraysreviews@gmail.com

Yours truly,

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